Good Night

Titan RGB 9-24-10

I had a good night writing last night. As I responded to a writing prompt, a workable short story came together in my mind. I got most of the first act written before bedtime, and at some point this morning I want to outline the rest. If I can complete it this weekend (possible with the three-day weekend) I’ll be ahead of my goal.

I cannot express my joy at having a workable short story idea come to me so easily. It’s always been such a struggle. It would be great if I could figure out what made it possible this time so I can make future attempts as successful.


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  1. Where do you get your writing prompts from?

    • For non-fiction, I’m finding to be an interesting source. But for fiction, I’m using a book, “A Writer’s Book of Day” by Judy Reeves, that offers both writing advice and daily prompts. For example, yesterday’s prompt was “Write about high tide.” Now, the book is certainly geared towards writers of non-genre stuff. I’m not even sure it’s geared towards writers of fiction. But I find that any half-way decent prompt can be spun in a genre-specific way. In last night’s case, I challenged myself to not assume the high tide was on Earth, and was inspired about thinking about high tides on the moons of Jupiter or Saturn, many of which have liquid seas (albeit under icy crusts).

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