Re-evaluating Rewards

Silver star  020

Silver star 020 (Photo credit: tomylees)


As I’ve mentioned before, I have a reward system for when I’m actually working on a manuscript. Every day I write any words on the manuscript, I get a silver star on a calendar made expressly for tracking such things. I get a gold star if I write 500 or more words.


But now, I’m not working directly on a manuscript. I’m doing character design, and world building, and plot development. And thus I have not been rewarding myself. But I find I miss doing so. I look at the calendar’s empty spaces and while I know I did work on those days, since I wasn’t writing words in my manuscript, there’s no recognition of that.


Silly, yes. Unhelpful, yes. But I’m a stickler for rules most of the time, so it’s not surprising that I can slavishly follow them even when it doesn’t make sense.


How do I reward myself when I’m not actively working on a manuscript? Well, I could give myself a silver star for any day in which I sit in the chair and write something about the project, whether it’s a character sketch, the laws of the world the story is set on, or even some rough plot cards. Okay, that works. But how do I go about earning a gold star, which really who doesn’t want to be earning gold stars?


How does one set achievable yet challenging goals when one is brainstorming? It’s a good question. I need to brainstorm that…




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