Stumble and Fumble 

My first “gold star” writing day since the cruise. I had a couple silver star days earlier in the week. Part of it comes from not having certainty around the overall plot in the novel, but most of my hesitation around getting back to writing was depression-related. It’s a lot harder to get butt out of bed and right into the chair when I’d rather sleep through the entire day. 

 What got me back to the writing desk? A candle of all things. Part of my “writing ritual” is to light a candle when I sit down to write. (Usually immediately after turning on my light therapy device.) It wasn’t exactly a new candle, but also not really and old one. As I was packing away the holiday decorations I ran across a storage crate full of candles from the previous house. Neither the fact that we had a plastic crate full of candles nor that it hadn’t been opened since we moved eight years ago is at all unusual for me. In this crate was a beautifully decorated glass candle holder I had purchased in New Hope, PA, many years ago. There was also a baggy with the remains of a raspberry scented candle that had burned through the bottom leaving quite a bit of rosy pink wax behind. I like to recycle candles when I can, so I popped a new wick into the holder, melted the wax on a candle warmer, and poured it into the holder. After it had cooled, voilà, a new old candle. The thought of being able to enjoy that Summery scent and see that candle holder gleaming with light was enough to bring me back to that desk. And as long as I was there, I figured I could type a few words into the manuscript… 


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