February Report

Well, I did not do as well in February as I did in January. You can probably guess with a high degree of accuracy the day I left for my eight day vacation, and you can guess it took me a while after the vacation to get my butt back in the chair, but I did eventually return, so yay me!

But the writing isn’t going so well right now. I believe it’s because I don’t have a good handle on the timeline of the novel yet. I’m finding my scenes are coming out lazy and full of directionless dialogue. You know how two friends who have known each other a good long while can chat away for hours without really saying much? That would be my characters. I need to spend some time putting together the timeline for the novel so I know where each scene belongs and know each scene’s purpose. I hope this weekend will afford me that time (if it’s not all eaten up with my prep for FOGcon).


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