Disciple over Inspiration

The words were hard this morning. I’m working on a detailed outline of my current “work in progress”, and I’m in the “mushy middle” part of the story, the part that is glossed over when come by up with the big idea for the story. It’s the “step two” of the joke with the punchline, “Step three: profit!” And because the words were hard I was more susceptible to distraction than I’d like to be. Watching the pigeons building a nest in the tree right outside the window. Fussing with iTunes trying to get it to sync my iCloud account so it would play music. Fine tuning my “movie scores” channel on Pandora. Analyzing the less-than-happy dream that I recalled when I woke this morning. I’m amazed that I managed to make my word count goal at all, and more so that I barely went over the thirty minutes I have planned for my daily writing.

I read somewhere recently that one should not rely on motivation since motivation is fleeting and not under willful control. One should rely on discipline instead since that is something that one can control. I agree and would include inspiration in the list of things that cannot be relied upon. If I were to rely on inspiration and motivation to bring me to my writing desk, my word count output would be measured in the low four digits per year. It’s discipline that will get me to where I want to be.


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