The April (and before) Update

After the cruise in February, my interest in the project faltered. I was having trouble with some key plot points. Since it is a murder mystery, and some of those plot points involved details of how the crime was committed and how those details lead to my sleuth figuring out “who dunnit,” it was growing more and more difficult to continue writing on the project. I realize now that I need to come back to it and put together a more detailed outline. 

In mid-April I forced myself back to the keyboard. I was looking through the projects I had started but had not completed, and ran across on that I had been trying out the infamous Snowflake method on. I decided to try the next step in the method, a high level outline of the novel, five to six paragraphs at most. Funny thing happened though. Instead of a high level outline I found myself writing a rather detailed one, roughly a 250 word paragraph per scene. While doing so, there were a few days where I surpassed 1000 words written in half an hour. Wow! I guess those were parts that had been stewing in the back of my mind for a while. I’ve hit the “mushy middle” so the pace has decreased somewhat, but I’m still making forward progress and liking the result.

Now it’s May, traditionally my busiest month of the year at my workplace. I’m hoping it won’t affect my writing, but it has in years past. It would be nice, though, to see this outline to completion. No commitment at this point to immediately turn around and start writing the actual manuscript though. I don’t react well to locking myself in to a particular course of action too far in advance. 🙂


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