POV Choices

I’m continuing to plug away at my detailed outline, but today I ran into a bit of a quandary. I just couldn’t think of a way to write a particular scene using the main character’s POV. It would be reading about some thrilling action as reported by someone else. For the scene to really work, it needed to be seen directly from another character’s viewpoint. 

I had already been wrestling with the decision to keep a singular POV throughout the novel, or find a way to use multiple POVs, with the main sticking point being that a majority of the scenes will be from the main character’s viewpoint. It’s predominantly his story, after all. 

Now that I know I pretty much have to use multiple points of view, I guess I’ll need to assign PIV to the scenes, group them into chapters where feasible, and try to keep them balanced, not giving any character too few or too many scenes (other than the main character who will get much more scenes than anyone else). Oh, and structure the story so that I establish that there will be multiple POVs early.

Why yes, I do sometimes approach creative writing from an engineering perspective…


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