Resuming the Work

It’s been a while since I sat down to write. I wasn’t really blocked, there was stuff I could do, but an inability to resolve certain logical problems in my plot along with a climax scene that was mostly “stuff happens” in the outline gave me excuses to not prioritize the work. Sleeping in was more important, certainly more pleasant.

But recently I’ve been trying to get back to what’s important to me. And an inspiration in the shower one day showed me how to begin resolving the climax of the work. So I resumed the work this week on the Pirate novel, and completed the outline. I’m happy about that. Granted, I know there are still some scenes that are not yet included (I won’t know what they are until I’m writing and realize I need a scene to explain something, or to show what other characters have been up to), and there are still to many “something happens here” notes in the outline, especially in the climax sequence, but hopefully I’ll have more inspiration before I have to write those scenes. And some of the scenes just aren’t working in my head; I’ll need to revisit those and see if I can make them work better. Oh, and I need to establish POV characters for each scene. I can do that as I start working through the scenes.

All in all, I have 60 cards in my outline. Each one represents a scene, though I suspect some of them will be merged while others broken into more than one scene as I actually write the text. I usually budget 2000 words per scene, but since my target for the work is 90K, I’m budgeting 1500. If they average more, that’s fine. 90K to 120K is a comfortable first draft word count.

Tomorrow, I pick a scene and start on the first draft. Yay!


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