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The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes, I find it enjoyable to listen to people talking about writing. Over the years, I have found a few podcasts to be enlightening. (A podcast is a audio, or sometimes video, blog. You can subscribe in iTunes or your favorite RSS reader, or just visit the web site and listen to selected programs.) Since I’m writing in the SF&F genre, most of the podcasts I listen to are from writers in that field, but much of it can be applied in a more general sense.


My favorite is one called Writing Excuses, and features four fairly well known authors in SF&F: Brandon Sanderson , Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler. Each episode is around fifteen minutes and focuses on a particular issue or problem in writing. The topics may be a bit “high brow” at times but they approach things with wit and humor. Unfortunately they don’t tend to keep many of the old episodes on line, and they’re already in their eighth year. You can find this one at


Another one I’ve found useful to varying degrees is one from the Odyssey SF&F Writing Workshops. They excerpt lectures that are given at the workshop and present them in podcast form. Many of the presenters are big names in the field (Gardner Dozois, Robert J. Sawyer, Terry Bisson, Craig Shaw Gardner, Elizabeth Bear, Nancy Kress, etc.), and cover topics from humor in speculative ficiton to writing query letters. In iTunes, I can see episodes dating back to January of 2007. The home page for this podcast lists the lectures and gives you some biographical information on the presenter. It can be found at


(I had another writing podcast to recommend, but it has apparently ceased operations. *pouty face*)


And finally, a podcast that isn’t really about writing, but entertaining nonetheless. Escape Pod brings you a complete SF short story each week in an “audio book” format. I’ve only found time to listen to a few of these, but they’ve generally been entertaining if you’re looking for a diversion. Each episode is betwen twenty minutes to an hour in length. (They have “sister” podcasts for Fantasy and Horror, if you’d prefer those genres.) You can find them at


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